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International collaboration: a source of knowledge

A liability issue often has international aspect which is why we are members of Insuralex.

Insuralex is a global organisation of insurance law lawyers. Each country or each jurisdiction has selected one firm of lawyers that offers high levels of expertise and experience with liability and insurance law.

Thanks to our membership of Insuralex, clients can make use of knowledge of insurance law in a wide range of countries. Streefkerk Advocaten can act as your intermediary or you can contact an insurance law specialist abroad directly. We are happy to provide you with the details of Insuralex members and their contact persons.

Foreign insurance companies, in their turn, can use Insuralex to find Streefkerk Advocaten. We assist them with issues about Dutch liability and insurance law.

In addition, Insuralex offers direct access to specialist lawyers in many other relevant areas of law in the affiliated countries.

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Insuralex, a global organisation of law firms that specialise in liability and insurance law:

The Arc Group

The Arc Group, Insuralex collaborates with The Arc Group, a network of Canadian insurance lawyers:


IADC (International Organisation of Defense Counsel) is a global association of lawyers and corporate lawyers who represent insurance companies: