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M.E. Franke, LL.M

M.E. Franke, LL.M

Lawyer since: 2002
Specialist area: liability and insurance law, civil cassation
Education: Dutch law, Leiden University

After her graduation, Mirjam Franke was employed at Leiden University as a university lecturer in civil law.

In 2002, she started working as a lawyer at Streefkerk Advocaten. She is an experienced civil cassation lawyer. She also offers advice and litigates in the legal fields she specialises in: liability and insurance law, with the emphasis on employer’s liability, medical liability and professional liability in general.

She is also a highly skilled mediator. In certain cases, mediation is a better solution to a dispute than conducting legal proceedings.

Mirjam is working on a thesis about the subject of ‘Justifications in liability law’.

Activities and memberships

  • co-author of the ‘Handboek Personenschade’ (a manual about personal injury)
  • permanent annotator of ‘Jurisprudentie Aansprakelijkheid’ (a magazine about liability case law)

Member of:

  • the Association for Civil Law [Vereniging voor Burgerlijk Recht (VBR)]
  • the Association of Civil Cassation Lawyers [Vereniging van Civiele Cassatieadvocaten (VCCA)]
  • the Dutch Association for Procedural Law [Nederlandse Vereniging voor Procesrecht (NVvP)]
  • the Association for Liability and Compensation law [Vereniging voor Aansprakelijkheids- en Schadevergoedingsrecht (VASR)]
  • the Association for Health Law [Vereniging voor Gezondheidsrecht (VGR)]
  • the Association for Insurance Research [Vereniging voor Verzekeringswetenschap (VvVW)]